Artists & Available Technical Data

At KSH&Co we undertake a technical examination of each painting we treat. This may be a simple examination with techniques such as ultraviolet light, raking light and high magnification with a binocular microscope. In many cases it is necessary to carry out a more extensive examination to inform our treatment decisions or to provide evidence for authentication, dating, authorship or for academic study. This may include variously, the analysis of paint samples to identify pigments and media and imaging such as x-radiography and infrared reflectography to reveal the structure of the object, the brushwork, changes to the composition, any damage and old restorations. For a list of possible techniques employed see our page on The Technical Study of Paintings.


Below is a list of artists whose paintings we have treated in our studios. For those artists highlighted we retain technical data in our archives, available upon request. Please contact us for information.


We are currently updating our list. Please visit again soon!


English Medieval Numerous painted Rood screens, Tympanums, Reredos and other polychromy
English Tudor, Jacobean & Stuart H Holbein, H Eworth, Mstr of the Countess of Warwick, N Hilliard, R Peake, A Mor, Cornelis Ketel, M Gheeraerts, J Hoskins, W Larkin, J de Critz, English School, Anthony Van Dyck, Cornelius Johnson, William Segar
Flemish and Dutch 15th, 16th & 17th century Q Massys, Master of the Holy BloodJ van Cleve, Mstr of Frankfurt, J Patinier, N Berchem, P Bor, AR Mengs, Anthony Van Dyck, F Floris, J van Goyen, M van Heemskerck, F van Mieries,   P Breughal, P de Hooch,  S Hoogstraaten, Jan van Huysum, A van der Kabel, P Koninck, P Lely, P Molyn, J van Moscher, D Muytens, Rembrandt, O van Veen, PP Rubens, J van Ruisdael, S van Ruysdael, F Snyders, D Teniers,  H van Vliet, M de Hondecoeter, J Weenix, D Maas, P Wouwerman, D Ryckaert, A van de Velde, Adriaen Tommasz. Key, Frans Pourbus
French, Spanish & Italian 15th, 16th  & 17th century Juan de Flandes, Juan de Tejerina, L Monaco, S Martini, B Bellotto, A da Messina, L Carraccii, F Clouet, Titian, Workshop of Veronese, Il MorazzoneF Guardi, G. Guercino, Antonio Zanchi, BE Murillo, N Poussin, M Franceschini, R Fiorentino, A Verrio, L Laguerre, Rosa da Tivoli, Philippe de Champaigne, Jacopo Bassano, Andrea Del Sarto
Italian & French 18th century CJ Vernet, Vincenzo Valdre
English 18th century T Gainsborough, W Hogarth, G Kneller, Sir Joshua Reynolds, G Romney, Wright of Derby, G Stubbs, M Beale, F Danby, S Jackson, A Ramsey, P Lely, J Thornhill, J Wootton, C Jervas, A Kauffman, R Wilson, J Constable, JMW Turner, William Kent, Joseph Clover. John Opie, Robert Edge Pine, J T Heins, William Etty, J-B Van Loo, 
American 18th & 19th Century JS Copley, R Parkes-Bonnington, JS Sargent, JM Whistler, J Hoppner
Dutch 19th Century T Dahl, Jozef Isreals
German 19th Century H von Herkomer, F X Winterhalter
French 19th century F Gerard, P Cezanne, E Degas, JF Millet, C Monet, P Gauguin
English 19th century E & C Landseer, W Davis, W Windus, F Goodall, F Sartorious, AJ Munnings, W Etty, J Ward, FT Copnall, W Mulready, A Egg, J Campbell, F Pickersgill, H Winstanly, W Dyce, A John, E Burne-Jones, JE Millais, W Holman-Hunt, F Leighton, Ford Maddox Brown, DG Rossetti, JM Strudwick, W Richardson, GF Watts, A Stanhope Forbes, E Harris, Edwin Cooper, John Sell Cotman, John Crome, Alfred Stannard, Eloise Stannard, Henry Bright, David Hodgson, E C Williams, A W Williams, G A Williams, W Maw Egley, John Martin, W A Knell, John Moore
Spanish 20th Century P Picasso, S Dali
Australian 20th Century S Nolan
English 20th century E Seago, L Freud, D Grant, J Hoyland, Man Ray, P Nash,  B Nicholson, R Penrose, John Piper, Samuel Peploe, George Leslie Hunter, John Ferguson, Francis Cadell, V Cunningham, M Smith, B Riley, I Hitchens, P Caufield, J Bratby, A Jones, S Farthing, G Ayres, D Hockney, Patrick Heron, Maud Earl, John Latham, Richard Diebenkorn
American 21st Century C Close, C Thompson
European 21st century A Kiefer, H Millar, C Ofili, A de Stefano, A Wiszniewski, P Doig, D. Hirst, G Hume, C Innes, T Emin, M Quinn, G Orozco
Hatchments & Royal Arms Various
Forgeries Various