Artwork Conservation Treatment Documentation and Recording

Conservation Treatment Documentation

In accordance with our accredited status, all treatment is fully image recorded and notated before during and after treatment.  It is in the interests of the client, KSH & Co Ltd and the artwork that an accurate report – including a detailed condition record, treatment proposal (and its intended outcome) – is submitted by us before any work goes ahead.  For lengthy or complicated works, an interim or progress report(s) on the treatment once underway is also recommended at appropriate intervals.  Lastly, after completion of the work, a final report is submitted detailing the work carried out, the materials used, and the resulting condition of the Item.

KSH & Co Ltd has a long standing reputation for detailed and very professionally presented conservation treatment documentation.  We also feel that it is important to place the artwork in its proper context in order to accurately inform treatment decisions and other recommendations; we like to look at the whole object.  Therefore our reports will often include a section on background information covering such issues as commissioning, design, technique, materials, manufacture, methods of display, the artist(s), provenance, exhibition history, bibliography.