Publications & Lectures

The team at KSH & Co are dedicated to pursuing academic research on the projects and paintings that come through the studio wherever possible. The sharing of this information, including collated data and results of research and analysis, within the conservation community and the wider art field is paramount to the advancement of our profession. We endeavour to contribute by means of publications and profession lectures. Some examples of this work are listed below.

We also share Unpublished Research Reports to conservation colleagues on request and are currently compiling an online Archive of Artists’ Suppliers marks and labels, Stretcher Makers‘ marks and labels, Frame Makers’ marks and labels, Historic Restorers’ marks and labels, Artists’ Signatures and Technical Data & Imaging.

We deliver Public Lectures as a means of promoting conservation of cultural heritage to the public. See our page Public Engagement for further information.

Academic Publications

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Boyce, E.R., Stainer-Hutchins, K., Platt, H.,
‘Another fragment-half of a Flemish devotional panel; Mater Dolorosa, c.1520, by an anonymous artist associated with the Master of the Holy Blood’,
The Picture Restorer, Number 48, Spring 2016, pp. 18-28

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Stainer-Hutchins, K. and Platt, H.
”Christ Blessing’ with ‘The Virgin in Adoration’ by Quentin Metsys, c. 1491-1505: A Technical Investigation’.
The Picture Restorer, Number 37, Autumn 2010. 18-20 and 29-33.

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Stainer-Hutchins, K. Whatney, S. and Platt, H.
‘A Rediscovered Prototype by Quinten Metsys: ‘Christ Blessing’ with ‘The Virgin in Adoration”.
The Burlington Magazine, Volume 152, number 1283, February 2010. 76-81

Academic Lectures
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Hugo Platt, Emma Boyce, Nicola Evans & Ulla Grimmet

‘Fractious Fragments: Reassembling an Adoration of the Shepherds’

Workshop of Paolo Veronese, c.1560

Detailing the conservation treatment, including lining and restoration, of a large 16th century Venetian painting


Delivered at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge University