Undergraduate Internship in Painting Conservation

A 2-6 month pre-qualification internship may be considered for a single individual provided they can confirm they are on a recognised training course and that the internship would form part of the course programme.  In such circumstances the internship could be tailored to the individual’s course requirements.  However, any successful application would be subject to the following:

  • Projects in hand at KSH Conservation Ltd during the proposed period
  • No other internship is currently in progress at KSH Conservation Ltd
  • The applicant has a car and is able to drive in the UK
  • The applicant has funding for the duration
  • A letter of interest and CV
  • Full and frank preliminary discussions with the individual
  • Full and frank preliminary discussions with the individual’s course leader
  • An interview at our Houghton Studios

When positions are available they will be shown in the Current Positions page.